About Us

Candy Treats is the brand name for Taurus Confectionery India P Ltd. We retail in the most coveted and famous chocolates and candies from Belgium, UK, France, USA etc. We are continuously adding new products to our present product line which are unique and proprietary.

Candy Treats is being groomed to be our national retail initiative and we have through it bought to the Indian consumer the fun and pleasure of picking and mixing about 150-250 premium varieties of candies from various leading manufacturers of the world. Our stores feature a large selection of chocolates, sours, gummies and jellies in addition to an assortment of sugar free candies. Our store design is adaptable to multiple venues as shops or kiosks in malls, superstores, airports, etc. Our one price concept creates customer friendly environment. We pride ourselves in mixing entertainment and excitement with high quality offerings and bright colorful stores. Candy Treats stores and express outlets are self service candy outlets with over 200 varieties of conventional, proprietary and hard to find candies and gifts.